Thinking about anti ageing treatments, most of us assume that it is only related to body treatments and topical skin care products.

In the Mitochondrial Therapy, we help to slow down ageing in two ways.

Firstly we slow it down internally, then externally which is related to your skin, face and hair appearance.

With any anti ageing interventions it is crucial to know that without a good working body internally, nothing could help you to look better. It’s similar to the house which is lovely painted outside, but when the inside is a total mess, dirt and damp, it is going to manifest outside…

How the Mitochondrial Therapy could help you internally?

That brings us to mitochondria and their important role in our lives.

Mitochondria are the powerhouses of our cells. Thanks to them we have the energy to do anything, what’s more, we can live…When our mitochondria are not working efficiently, which comes with ageing, our quality of life will be greatly impaired. We will not have the energy to lead an active life, our clarity of thinking will be affected, we will feel not well, will be tired and depressed…

“The most recent Russian research shows that the human ageing process begins around 26 years old. At that point, the number of mitochondria in our cells begin to reduce. Some may already be damaged, and others may no longer be efficient at producing energy. These are numerous adverse consequences of a decreased capacity to create energy, and we can expect to see an increase in many degenerative conditions and morbidity” – Sheri Dixon, The Fast Way To Slow Down Ageing

Thanks to unique supplements, made using cutting-edge technology, the Mitochondrial Therapy may help you to optimize the function of your mitochondria. Thanks to that you can feel more energetic, alive and healthy.

What about the external help?

And when it comes to anti ageing externally, when your body is more healthy inside, people and you will see a huge difference in your appearance.

The second way to talking anti ageing is to repair proteins and cells. Our body is primarily made from proteins. Ageing involves protein destruction, that’s why older people look different than younger ones. The Mitochondrial Therapy main supplement contains the Carnosine, a substance which is repairing proteins, has the remarkable ability to rejuvenate cells and extending cellular lifespan.

Carnosine can help your body not only in relation to better body functioning and appearance but also with age-related conditions as dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parnikson’s, stroke, cellular ageing in general, cataracts etc.

Our therapy involves the HRV test and supplement recommendation. HRV test is a non-invasive test which lasts 5 minutes while sitting relaxed in a chair.

If surgical interventions and topical creams are not working for you as you wished, if you feel tired, not healthy, fight with obesity, then the Mitochondrial Therapy might be the best solution to you and lead you to be more youthful internally and externally.

The initial mitochondrial consultation lasts 30 minutes and costs £60.
The next consultation lasts 20 minutes and costs £35.

Consultations are made strictly by appointment.